Clinical IT Changes Coming to the Surgery

We are having a new computer system installed starting 19th August and predicted to be completed by 29th August.

This is going to cause a few difficulties in the short term.

Firstly, we will have no computer access on the 19th. We will be operating an urgent only system that day to deal with medical issues. We will not be able to do routine reviews, pre-bookable appointments and repeat prescriptions.

We hope that the following day we will have access to the historical system to work normally. The information entered for the next 10 days will have to be manually updated to the new system.

Secondly, the whole team will need to get used to the system. We are having training, but like all new things, it will take time for us to get up to speed.

The new system will allow better online patient access and it will allow us to individually text patients. It will also have a system embedded for us to do video calls if necessary, although still photographs are better to view rashes and lesions.
The system will be the same as other surgeries in the area allowing more co-operative working.

We would be grateful if repeat prescriptions could be ordered before 14/08/2020. We have been supplying extra prescriptions to cover the time.
For 19/08/2020 please only contact us for urgent issues. We will do our best to provide a service.

Thank you for your patience