Autumn Covid Boosters and Flu Vaccines 2023

The current guidance is for all patients over the age of 65 or in an at risk group to receive the Autumn booster and flu vaccine.

We are starting by inviting all patients over the age of 70 to our clinics at the Surgery from this week and will then work our way down to those age 65 to 70 and those in an at risk group.

If you are eligible to book for the vaccine and do not wish to wait for us to invite you to the Surgery or cannot attend on the dates we are offering you can book at any local vaccination hub online once this goes live (we do not know the date of this, please do not phone us for enquiries).

PLEASE NOTE: THE 50 to 65’s are not included in the vaccination programme for the Covid Autumn booster and flu vaccine this year unless you are in an at risk group.