Covid vaccination update 13/04/2021

If you are 45 or over you can now book for your Covid vaccination via at one of the local vaccination hubs. Please do not contact the Surgery as we will not be vaccinating this cohort at the Surgery.

We do not know which vaccine will be given at a hub, advise that you will have a 30-45 minute appointment and you will be asked questions about your medical history so any concerns you have can be discussed at the appointment.

For more information on the Covid vaccines please visit the website.

All patients who had their first vaccinations with us from February onwards will be contacted by the Surgery to be vaccinated within the 11 to 12 week timeframe – please do not contact us asking for a date we will contact you once we have availability.

If you had your first vaccination at one of the local hubs you will need to go back to the same location for your second vaccination.