What will change from November 1, 2021? Will my surgery remain Wilderness road or will I be a Brookside Surgery patient now?

You will still be a patient at Wilderness Road. Being part of the same Primary Care Network with Brookside does mean that in the future you will be able to access some other clinical and non-clinical specialists, which may mean that you are invited to attend one of the Brookside sites in the future.

My named doctor was Dr Jiwanji and as he was lead GP, I used to see him every time, who will replace him?

Your main GP will be Dr Qayam who is staying on with the practice, and she will be supported by other GPs from Brookside, which will be confirmed. These will be regular GPs coming to Wilderness Road to help provide continuity for the coming months.

Will I still call the same phone number? Will the appointment system the same?

Yes. You can call the same number and book your appointments in the usual way. In time, if required, you may be able to book appointments at one of Brookside’s sites for some services, but we do not know when this will be available yet.

Will I be able to attend clinics (like nursing and physiotherapy) and make appointments with doctors in the other surgeries of Brookside Practice?

(see above)

I’m in middle of treatment and the GP was making hospital referrals for me; what will happen to that?

Wilderness Road’s current clinical team will ensure that they have cleared their workload before handing over to Brookside’s team. The reception and administration team at Wilderness Road are remaining and will be able to help you with any enquiries about referrals.

I have submitted a medical report/insurance request – will this change affect how long this will take to process?

No, the process involved will remain the same.