October 2019 Drug Alert

DRUG ALERT – We have just been alerted that there is some contaminated heroin in the Woodley area which has resulted in 1 death and 2 people being hospitalised. Please take extra care when using Crack Cocaine or Heroin.

Please be aware and take extra care.

Take the following steps to reduce the risks:

  • Be cautious of heroin or crack cocaine which has an unusual appearance
  • Remember that Mixing drugs and alcohol is potentially fatal
  • Buying drugs from a unknown source is a risk
  • Try to avoid using alone
  • If someone goes over call 999 and stay with them (in most cases the police will not attend)
  • Report any unusual symptoms to your drug worker
  • Pick up a Naloxone pack from SMART Wokingham

If you have any concerns please speak to your Drugs Worker.