Prospective Online Access

You may have read online or in the media about the NHS changes to ‘Prospective/future record access’. This refers to a plan to provide patients with online accounts (who do not already have access) with digital access to information entered on their medical record from a specified ‘go live’ date. The access is to all areas of your medical record, including documents and test results (once they have been assessed and filed by your practice). The reason for the change is that evidence has demonstrated that better access to health information enables patients to become partners in managing their health and long-term conditions.

This applies to Patient Access and the NHS App, as well as any other online services providers.

The practice will be enabling prospective access on 18th October 2023 – Information entered on the record on or after this date will be automatically visible through your online account.

The change, when enabled, will not affect:

  • Those under the age of 16
  • Proxy accounts

Some information may be restricted from a minority of patients due to safeguarding concerns. If you have any queries relating to information on your medical record, please contact us via our website or at