Retirement message to the patients of Wokingham Medical Centre and Burma Hill Surgery

Dear Patients

It is with mixed emotions that I announce my retirement as a GP partner from Burma Hills Surgery and Wokingham Medical Centre, effective 19th of January 2024 and it is with sadness that I am now writing a farewell message to all of you.

It has been a great pleasure providing for your health care needs over the past 21 years, and it is not easy for me to give it up. Some of you I will know from my 12 years at Rectory Road Surgery. Some of you I will know when we moved into our new premise at Wokingham Medical Centre in February 2014 and some of you I would have met more recently at Burma Hills Surgery. All of you will remain in my thoughts and heart.

I joined our former medical practice, Rectory Road Surgery (Tudor House & Rectory Road Medical Practice) on the 1st of October 2002 as a GP Partner having previously worked in the hospital sector since 1994. Achieving this milestone is very prestigious for any GP because one has reached the pinnacle of one’s career and the only pathway is upwards and forwards to build on that career until the day of retirement.

It has been a privilege to serve you for the last 21 years. I have tried to do my best, supporting you in my journey of life, to offer a dedicated service as a general practitioner and family orientated medical practitioner. I have treated people of all ages and many walks of life with all aspects of healthcare and loved every moment.

Good times, challenging times, but always together.

I am saying goodbye with the knowledge that I will be leaving you in the fantastic care of my friends and colleagues here at Wokingham Medical Centre & Burma Hills Surgery; doctors, nurses, receptionists, admin staff and the myriad of people who try their hardest to ensure that you get the best service you need and deserve.

I know that sometimes things don’t go entirely to plan. I know that at times it is difficult to get an appointment just when you need one, or to get the results of tests that you have had, or indeed even just to get through in the morning on the phone.

Believe me, these things challenge us as well. We’re all patients somewhere too.

However, I hope that like me, you will know that we are all doing our best for you.

I will miss working with my friends. I will also miss working with and for you, our patients. Without you, I would not have had the wonderful career I have had. Without you, this practice would not be flourishing.

Keep well, look after yourselves and each other. And also, please look after Wokingham Medical Centre. We are all facing challenging times and we will all need to support each other in the months and years ahead.


Dr Ranjit Bahra