Retirement of Dr Ishac Jalisi

It’s with much sadness that we announce the retirement of Dr Ishac Jalisi from 6th January 2022.

He has served the local community faithfully since 2006 and his loss will be felt keenly.

You will be aware that the current focus of Her Majesty’s Government and the National Health Service is to ensure that as many citizens are rapidly vaccinated against Covid 19.

To that end, Burma Hills Surgery will function as a local vaccination centre for the forthcoming weeks and months.

Burma Hills patients will contact Burma Hills as normal but will be seen at Wokingham Medical Centre as was the case during the early months of the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020 and during Dr Jalisi’s periods of sickness.

Most patients will be aware that Wokingham Medical Centre and Modality Partnership have provided the governance and leadership for Burma Hills Surgery since 2018 anyway, and so the transition following Dr Jalisi’s retirement should be smooth.

We appreciate that this change may cause uncertainty for Burma Hills Surgery patients – especially as it comes at a time of general concern amidst the Covid 19 pandemic.

Having worked extensively at Burma Hills Surgery, most members of our Primary Care team will be well known to Burma Hills patients and we will continue to provide you with high quality care.