Surgery News and Update November 2022

Covid Autumn Booster

Our last covid booster clinic is on Saturday 19th November. If you are over 50 or in a clinical at risk group you can still phone and book an appointment.

You can also book at HUBS.

We will not be administering the vaccine for children, you will need to book at a HUB. We will not have the vaccine in the surgery.

You will need to have a gap of at least 3 months since your last covid vaccine. You also need to wait for 28 days if you have tested positive with covid before booking an appoinment – please do not book early as you will be turned away.

Seasonal Flu Vaccines

We have flu vaccines in surgery for patients over 65. If you want to phone the surgery to book an appointment, please do not phone on a Monday or before 14:00 as these are our busiest times. If you are under 65 you can have the vaccine at a local pharmacy.

If you have had a letter to book your 2-4 year old for a nasal flu, please phone the surgery to book this during the times stated above.

Thank you.